Smoke N Butts BBQ is a owner operated fully licensed and insured mobile cooking unit based out of Raymond, NH. We specialize in pulled pork, ribs and brisket. 

How it all began 

My love of BBQ  started when i was young and only grew as i got older. I was watching a TV show and saw a guy make a smoker from a file cabinet and i was immediately inspired. I went on craigs list and bought one soon after. After a number of successful runs (aka: not blowing up my backyard) I decided to buy a real smoker from my local Bass Pro Shops were i have been working for a number of years. While working at Bass Pro my love and inspiration only grew as i started making pulled pork sandwiches and tacos for my coworkers and eventually my wife's coworkers. Working in a customer focused environment like Bass Pro only continued to nourish my inspiration and passion for outdoor cooking.

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